Core Services

Specialist or Generalist?

For brochures, content, or research, you’ve come to the right place. As a semi-specialist, I concentrate on these three specialties in order to give you the best products possible.

While the core services list is short, the general range of topics within each service is immense. As examples:

  • Jewelry: brochure to sell the products; how-to articles; researching the competition or the materials
  • Kit airplanes: brochure to bring people to a local event featuring kit airplanes; articles about building airplanes from kits; researching into the best kind of kits for the kind of flying you want to do
  • Hiring practices: brochure looking for personnel; how-to-hire articles, when-to-hire articles, or even who-to-hire articles; research the best people, or your competition

These examples are just the beginning of the subjects you can expect from me. While I cannot adequately write about subjects such as science, engineering, computers, and the like, I can easily cover hundreds of other subjects!

Speaking of Hiring Practices: Hire Me Today!

Call or email me today for an exact quote. Expect questions to establish the right quote for you. Call 541.868.4620 (Pacific time) or contact me by email. Let’s get started!

Let Me Hear From You!

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