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5 Reasons to Become a Scientist

Chemistry Experiment

As it is known, to earn a little, you have to learn a lot and hard. Is it worth it? It is your decision. In this blog, we will show you five reasons why a career of a scientist can interest young people who are not looking for the easy way of life.

The doubts and failures, of course, often persecute scientist (as well as representatives of many other professions), but this pessimism should not be put at the forefront. The profession of the scientist is an absolutely unique achievement. Let us take a quick look at a few clarifications.

  • Firstly, to be a scientist is not a heavenly bliss but hard work. It is hardly feasible for everyone. There are many other ways to make a career, and everyone should make the choice that suits his or her motivation and lifestyle best.
  • Secondly, the essential point is the passion for your work because as nothing else does it contribute to the achievement of good results and positive thinking in case you have to experience series of setbacks.
  • Thirdly, not all the work of the scientist is so amazing, and not every day will be illuminated by a spark of success. In fact, at least 95% of the time, it is persistent and rather monotonous work, and the scientist is able to bring it to a point only (or at least to the decimal point). In this case, you get a chance to enjoy even a small but still a revelation.

Reason 1: The Freedom of Choice of Research

The most important and the most attractive element of the work of the scientist is to carry out their own research program. In science, as opposed to working in a company with a complex hierarchical structure, projects and research areas, as a rule, are not dictated by the top management. On the contrary, in the scientific community, professors, deans, and heads of laboratories encourage independent thinking of their young scientists. They do not tell them what to do, when to do it and how to do it. Freedom to set the direction of your own research is a great achievement, but any freedom requires initiative and good judgment, plus the ability to make decisions and take responsibility for their consequences.

Reason 2: Career Opportunities

The work of the scientist requires constant improvement of personal skills, as the range of problems the researcher faces is constantly changing. A part of the area of scientist’s activity goes beyond the purely scientific perspective; it is administrative work, work in industry, work in government commissions, teaching, etc. The scientist can choose from a variety of different ways to develop their career by taking into account how their interests, priorities, and goals change over time.

Reason 3: Participation in the Great Era of Discovery

Medieval Medicine

We live in the time that should be really exciting for biologists, because all areas of this science are rapidly evolving. The study of the structure and the activity of living organisms is down to the level of individual molecules and the interactions between them. It has enormous practical value for human life and health. Direct participation in scientific discoveries is a great experience. It enables us to understand, appreciate, and enjoy things that happen around us.

Reason 4: Flexible Schedule

Scientists are largely freed from a strict work schedule. At any time, you can take a break for lunch. So, the working day, week, month can be planned independently. As for the workplace: often a cafe or even a beach is a good place to work on the manuscript.

Reason 5: Give a Reasonable, Good, and Eternal Things

The work of scientists tends to focus on the issues that they consider interesting. In some cases, research or new techniques can be implemented immediately as a new drug or device. Teaching and mentoring knowledge are also an important contribution to the development of the society. Every scientist can make their own contribution: for example, every scientist can give independent lectures, teach at the university, communicate with the public.


Whatever your work is, it is important to love it. Now, not every person can truly say, “Yes, I love my job”. Many people with different jobs just carry out their duties and look forward to retirement. We recommend reading an article about how to love your job.

It is so important to have a job that brings you a real pleasure, the same as a vacation with family, parties with friends, trips to restaurants or cinema. All this makes life beautiful and amazing.