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Domestic Reasons: Essay Ideas on Bullying

Don’t Bully

Consider in your essay the most common “family” causes of bullying. They are noted by authors such as L. Berkowitz, R. Baron and D. Richardson and others.

Rejection of Children

Note in your essay that invasive attacks often occur in unwanted kids. Some parents are not prepared for the appearance of their child. But, they still give birth to kids, because of the impossibility of abortion for medical reasons. Although parents cannot tell him/her directly that he/she is not expected and wanted, he/she feels it, because they “read” information from the gestures and intonation of their parents. Such kids are trying, by all means, to prove that they have a right to exist, that they are good. They are trying to win so much-needed parental love and, as a rule, do it aggressively.

Disrespect to a Child

Point in an essay that invasive reactions can be caused by incorrect and tactless criticism, insulting and demeaning remarks by adults. All that is able to awake not only anger but also frank rage. Disrespect for the child’s personality, public disparaging remarks about him/her rise deep and serious complexes, cause self-doubt and uncertainty in the life of kids.

Prohibition on Physical Activity

If the child was not able to openly show his/her positive and negative emotions during the whole day, could not physically blow off steam, his/her bellicosity would be caused by accumulated excess energy. In its turn, it has no possibility to disappear without leaving a trace.

Discontent of Yourself

Often it is not caused by objective reasons, but a lack of emotional encouragement from the parents, which leads to the fact that kids do not learn how to love themselves. For a child (and adult), it is vital that he/she is loved not for something, but just as he/she is (unmotivated). The most severe punishment does not cause irreparable harm to the child as it leads to lack of self-love and encouragement. If the child does not love himself/herself, considers himself/herself unworthy of love, so he/she will not love others. In this case, an invasive attitude towards the world from his/her part is quite logical.

Influence of Foodstuffs


Indicate in an essay that the aggressiveness of the child can be caused by nutrition. The relationship between increasing of anxiety, nervousness and aggressiveness and consumption of chocolate is proved. Studies are conducted abroad, examining the relationship between the consumption of potato chips, hamburgers, sweet soda and increasing of aggressiveness. Designate in an essay that numerous studies have shown the influence of cholesterol in blood on the aggressiveness of the human (including the character of bellicosity). Thus, there is a lower level of cholesterol in the blood observed in the majority of suicides and those who committed suicide attempts. Low cholesterol level leads to passive aggressiveness.

Other Influences

You can talk in an essay about the impact of noise, vibrations, tightness, air temperature. Scientists have proved that the majority of the “hot” conflicts arise in the heat. This is not surprising because the heat is a stress for our body. That is why we are especially irritable and tense in the heat. Tightness is another powerful provocateur of our aggressiveness. Almost everybody was an eyewitness and even a partaker of unpleasant nasty party quarrels in a crowded bus or subway. Tightness influences the child no less strongly than the adults. It is desirable, therefore, that the child has his own room. If this is not possible, you need to provide him/her with his/her corner in one of the rooms so that he/she will not feel constrained.

Bullying Causes: Coping with Assignment


Mark in an assignment that the problem of bullying in schools has not yet received proper attention in the various countries. School bullying has reasons as any phenomenon. They are connected with external factors (situation of interactions, features of classmates, adult demeanor), and with the personal characteristics of the kids, who are included in the situation of school bullying. In terms of social significance, degrading attitude from the side of other kids causes socially dangerous forms of demeanor. They are the manifestation of isolation, coercion, suicidality and psychoactive drugs, Internet, games and television dependencies. Difficulties in the interaction with others may occur in adolescence and youth, and even in adulthood.

The First Reason

You may assume in an assignment that the first cause of kid’s signs of bellicose demeanor in school is in the nature of socialization: the most economical way of socialization for the child is an imitation of an adult. The child, seeing aggressiveness of adults, begins to imitate them. Aggressiveness is not yet a feature of the child’s character; it is taken as “peeped” way of the demeanor of adults. If at this stage the aggressiveness is not suppressed, if the child is not taught other ways of demeanor in return, if, indeed, it is supported by adults, then very soon the child will begin consciously demonstrate bellicose demeanor.

Self – Defense


Indicate in an assignment that bullying may also occur as a self-defense mechanism, as a manifestation of fear or anxiety in those cases when adolescent regards a real or imaginary danger. By being invasive, he seeks to protect himself from something. The illusion of courage is created in him. Hostility and aggressiveness are linked in a teenager, when he was once a child, with undeveloped basic trust to the world. The degree of development of the sense of trust people and the world depends on the quality of maternal care received by him. Full maternal care provides self-confidence in the child, no fear to take the initiative, make mistakes, etc. If a child does not receive full maternal care, the protective reaction in the form of invasive demeanor will be produced and attached.

It is a good idea to make supposition in an assignment that if aggressiveness is inherent in man as a defense mechanism, it may acquire negative or relatively positive manifestations, depending on the social environment, in which the child grows and develops, the nature of social experience, which he acquires by living among the people. There is a definite dependence of bullying from family structure, from relationships in it.

Inferiority Feeling

Inferiority Complex

One of the causes of bullying is an aspiration to overcome feelings of inferiority, which the teenager has for quite a long time. Note in an assignment that immaturity, lack of independence, lack of confidence lead to painful experiences of their subordinate position. There is the desire to achieve superiority over the stronger and more skillful person. Of course, this is the cause of social and pedagogical order. Adults, who cannot or do not want to understand the feelings of their child, who humiliate him/her, show their superiority, stimulate the emergence of invasive demeanor.