About Me

What Do I Do, Exactly?

You know how people struggle to find the words to explain what their business is all about?

Well, what I do is help them find exactly the right words.

My name is D. Kendra Francesco. I’m an idealist with a practical streak. I believe in America and her people. I believe in true free enterprise.

As such, I believe in the visions of business owners who make a real change in the world by adding value.

Running the Business is Your Expertise.
Writing for You is Mine.

When I found myself suddenly downsized, I wrote a successful RFP-style business plan to satisfy the requirements of a state-run program. Later, I wrote a Complaint Letter to Darigold; their gracious response amazed and thrilled me (and made me a life-long buyer). Then for a start-up business, I created the sales brochure Magic Makeup Brochure which was used as both a hand-out and a mailer.

For content (blog posts, articles and adaptive content), you’ll find the to-the-point writing, plus the human stories that make your product unique. For brochures, you’ll receive the same succinct writing, and (if wanted) graphic design. Fact-finding on any project will be deeper than the first page of any search engine – and won’t involve sites where people can change entries on a whim.

Your clients will find themselves eager for more information from you.

My Resume
  • I’ve been in retail and direct sales for 35+ years, thus I know the human psyche.
  • I’m an avid bookworm, mostly non-fiction and reference.
  • I’m self-taught in copywriting, most especially brochures, content, and research.
  • I wrote and published two booklets for giveaway before Amazon made self-publishing easy.

All this means is that you get practical street-wise experience, plus academics. Without the theories. What I learned will easily translate into writing for you.

My Home

My home is Eugene, Oregon. It’s home to the University of Oregon and its beloved Ducks! More than that, however, its the city of such diversity as the original craft-style Saturday Market, the famous Bach Festival, and Art and the Vineyard Festival. Its also earned the title of Track Town USA (and will host the Olympic Trials for the sixth time in 2016).

The third-largest city in Oregon, Eugene is at the southern end of the Willamette Valley. As a result, it’s only an hour* away from the four points of the compass: west is the Pacific Ocean; east are the Cascade Mountains; north is Salem, our capital; south is Africa (Wildlife Safari, actually). Another hour* north, and you’re in Portland; go east and youre in Bend.

Let Me Write For You

Writing is as much a part of me as Eugene is. Its a daily pleasure. Learning to string together 26 letters and a handful of punctuation was the start of a lifetime of observations, reading, learning, researching, and writing (not always in that order). That lifestyle gave me the ability to teach and support and persuade.

Running your business is your expertise. Mine is writing. Hire me; let me write for you. It will help you reach (and subliminally teach) your clients that you are the expert they think you are.

Contact me today by phone (541.868.4620) or email. Let’s begin!

* There’s a truism floating around here: “You know you’re from the Pacific Northwest when you measure distance by time and not by miles.”