Articles are Straight Content

The newest content – adaptive content – is an involved and time-intensive process. It’s an outshoot of straight content. Adaptive content is a natural answer to many companies and their interactive processes with their clients. You might be considering it for the ever-increasing ways in which your clients use the Internet.

However, sites still need articles, aka “straight content.” Magazines of course – glossies, trades, local, and so on – still run articles. Blog posts are usually articles (not counting online diaries). Your own site probably needs straight content, whether or not you’re developing adaptive content.

So, There’s Still a Need for Articles?

Absolutely! Not all companies want, or even need, adaptive content. Not all industries need it. They all, however, need straight content now and then.

Articles range from a quick note of 250 words, and all the way up to a multi-page 5,000 words. Today’s Google prefers longer content; the longer the article, the better your page ranking. While “long” to them is in the realm of 1,000-2,000 words, your article can be fewer words or considerably more. After all, if everyone follows only the recommendation, then no one will be ahead.

And, once you’ve a huge following (Seth Godin comes to mind), the occasional three sentence, pithy idea doesn’t drop your ranking.

Hire Me Today!

What kind of content do you want which of your clients to read? What specific (or general) information do you need to give your clients as they consider your product or service? Let me write it for you!

$290 to $3720 per article
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  • Research beyond the first page rankings
    (light, medium, or intense, depending on the subject)
  • Interviews of experts & on-the-street observers
  • Writing the content with bullets, links and references
  • Revisions as needed (up to two)
  • Standard editing, proofreading, etc.

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