Blog Posts

Its Part of What Keeps Your Clients Loyal

Your business needs clients. You have a product, service, or information thats important to them. It solves, or resolves, an issue the client has. (We dont tell about the car, we put the customer on the road.)

Clients, however, dont always understand what your product or service or information is. They arent clear about what it does for them. They might not even know how to use it. So, they look online for their answers.

Regular, at-least-once-a-week blogging helps you keep your clients. Theyre in the know. The information is right now. They trust what theyre reading. Its a tool you use to improve their online experience. (At the same time, its helping your bottom line.) Give them the information that they need, and theyll trust you enough to part with their hard-earned cash.

All Fine and Dandy, But

Blogging takes time. You know it does. You might even cringe at the idea of writing it. You might get angry at the time required to maintain a blog. After all, its time you want to use for increasing business in other ways. Or its simply a matter of trying to come up with an interesting post two or three times every week. Even once a week can be a strain.

This is where I come in.

Why Should I Hire You?

Your purpose is running your business. Its getting clients. Its serving them so well that they dont want to go. My purpose is writing your blog for you, which will give you time to keep serving them.

As you can see by the side bar The Last Things I Wrote Were, I know how to blog. If you like a rather casual style, then I can deliver. If necessary, I am also quite formal. But, just to let you know, blogs by their nature arent formal.Theyre information laden, but as Seth Godin so aptly demonstrates even a three sentence blog post can be weighty.

Blogs are information you give to your clients, both current and prospective. The more your blog answers their questions, the more likely those clients will stay with you. Better yet, if you give them the answers they want and need, theyll often return the favor by recommending you.

Can You Write About My Product / Service / Idea?

I can tell you a definite yea or nay after a free 20-30 minute consultation. There are several subjects I cant write about in technical terms (the sciences, sports, or software come to mind). But, I can even in the sciences, sports, or software revise your words to make them understandable to the layman.

$60 $500 per week
12 week minimum
Blog posts includes:

  • Light to deep research from the company website & online in general
  • No interviews for light research; one interview for medium; 2-3 interviews for deep research. Interviews can include key personnel within the company
  • Writing the post or posts
  • Revisions as needed (up to two)
  • Standard editing, proofreading, etc.

Email me today. Expect questions to establish exactly what you want written.