People keep brochures.

Brochures are low-tech. However, you find them everywhere. Why? People keep them. Hard-core clients to the most casual fair-goer. Newly-married to newly-widowed (or divorced). Baby products to funeral. Travel agencies use them. Professionals of any collar use them. People keep the brochures they collect.

Theyre easy information you can use to get your name in front of your clients. Yes, business cards get your name in front of your clients. If they put it in their folder of business cards (or in their contacts list), they have it nearby.

But, business cards are easily lost. How many times have you seen one trampled on the concrete sidewalk? Or dropped in an elevator? Enough to hope yours is never one of them, yes?

People keep brochures. They dont tend to lose them.

Brochures Give More Than Just Your Basic Information

Leave a brochure with your prospective client. Ask an established client to pass a few on to their favorite clients as referrals to you. Use it to answer inquiries. Use as part of your overall sales, marketing and social media campaigns. Put it in direct mail. Ask local businesses to put it in their direct billing envelopes.

Brochures tend to bring in clients more than a business card.

  • Lead-Generating Brochures (sign-up form) work great for businesses that negotiate rates. They bring in prospective clients, looking to improve some facet of their lives.
  • Sales Brochures (order-form) are best paired with businesses that have set prices. These clients look for immediate value to solve an immediate issue.
  • Fact-Seeking Brochures (response form) go hand-in-hand with those businesses truly seeking input and ideas from their clients, or prospective clients.
  • Information Brochures (no form) are just that, information. Theyre used with great effect to pass on how-to info; think tips about keeping the car in decent shape between oil changes, or cleaning jewelry, or preventing tooth decay.

These various presentations are why people keep brochures.

Hire Me Today!

Although brochures are a low-tech solution, and only one step in your marketing efforts, its still a viable solution.

(6 panels or 8 panels)

$5,520 $12,900 per brochure project
Text only (copywriters rough)
your graphics dept. will design the rest
$8,280 $19,350 per project
with your graphics, print-ready
(you are the printer & mailer)

Rates include:

  • Researching and rearranging company-supplied info
  • Light, medium, or deep research of the company online
  • Writing using mostly company-supplied info
  • Revisions as needed (up to two)
  • Standard editing, proofreading, etc.
  • Remember: Rate does NOT include printing or mailing. I leave that up to you to  print and mail out the finished, final, and print-ready  brochure

Email me today. Expect questions (see samples below) to establish exactly what kind of brochure you want created. 

Sample questions:

  • What do your main clients do for their living?
  • How do you see this brochure fitting in with your marketing?
  • Do you see the brochure as a one-off, or as part of a series of brochures?