Comparison Shopping Isnt Only Done Online; Its Also Done In the Store

In a recent comment (on a favorite site), the person asked, in essence, Why do stores do [physical] price comparisons? They can go online for it.

Yes, they can. IF prices were really all theyre concerned about.

Price comparisons (and by extension, product comparisons) arent the only things these folks do. They also pay attention to how the sales people behave.

Are they professional sales people who actually try to help, and suggest other things to go with the initial product? Or are they sales clerks who skip to the register with the first item or behave like the customer is a bother?

Are the sales floors adequately covered and if not, where not? (Yes, I meant where.)

A physical price comparison helps stores actively see where theyre doing better (or worse) than the competition. Although, nowadays, many larger stores and boutiques hire mystery shoppers with the same agenda in mind, the results theyre looking for are the same: They want to do better than their competitors.

So, physical comparisons are still a part of daily store life.

And the sales personnel would be wise to treat every customer well, in case theyre being compared.

Have you done physical price comparisons? Is that all you did? Tell me what else you saw.

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