Sci-fi Writers are the Dreamers

Jules Verne dreamed of taking a rocket to the moon. Chester Gould gave us Dick Tracy and a do-all watch-radio. Inspector Gadget was robotic with a niece who sported a portable computer. Gene Roddenberry took TV viewers to worlds beyond our galaxy, and took along portable devices that did darn-near, well everything.

Real life has copied reel life. Even down to making books portable all on their own an integral part of our daily lives through the vision of eBooks. Without taking up any more space than our phones. For those who prefer a little larger screen, you have e-readers, tablets, and such.

In less than a 9×7 space, you can sell (or give as a promo) a whole library of eBooks to your clients. Do you have a value-added information to go with your product or service? Give them an eBook.

Someone Still Needs to Write Those Books

While physical books still appeal to most people, the truth is that many of your clients dont have the space for all of them. You might have the best value-adding info to go with your product or service, but in todays response-driven mobility apps, if it doesnt fit in the tablet or phone, it gets lost.

That means, writing ebooks so that your clients have that information all the time. Even when away from their product, theyll have the information.

Caveat: Marketing the ebook is up to your company.

If You Have the Information, I Have the Time

As mentioned in my mission statement: your expertise is running the business. Mine is writing for you. If you have the info, but not really the time to write it in the form you want for your clients, I do.

Hire Me Today!

What kind of information about which product will benefit your clients best? What specific (or general) information do you need to give your clients as they consider your product or service? Let me write it for you!

$600-$3000 per eBook

Rates include:

  • Researching and rearranging company-supplied info
  • Light, medium, or deep research of the subject and your company
  • Interviews if/as needed from key company personnel, experts, and on-the-street observers
  • Writing the eBook, including links and references
  • Revisions as needed (up to two)
  • Standard editing, proofreading, etc.
  • Remember: Rate does NOT include uploading to a sale site. I leave that up to you, although I will suggest a few possibilities

Email me today. Expect questions to establish exactly what you want written.