Have You Sent Your Donors a REAL Thank You Note Yet?

Donors won’t give to your non-profit organization unless and until they feel that they make a difference. They give anywhere from a dollar a month to thousands of dollars every year. They’ve always given and always will.

At the same time, they’re human, and not just an endless wallet.

Is This What Your Donors Are Saying?

I’ve given to (non-profit organization) for the last six years. I gladly give whenever I can, but I’d like some kind of recognition for the money I give them. The only thing I ever get is a form-letter thank you, with a request for more tacked on. Or another bunch of address stickers. Just once I’d like someone there to take the time to send me a real thank you note!

A “Thank You” note sent by mail does wonders. It shows that your organization (and you in particular because you signed it) cares as much for the donor herself as for the money she sends. Granted, it might be difficult to manage if you’re a large organization. But, even then, a keyboarded note of thanks on good stationery, personally signed, and sent by post can go a long way. It isn’t impossible. It’s the ultimate “Thank You” in a world that relies more and more on instant gratification.

But, Donors Don’t Really Want Notes Like That!

Almost every donor says they want their money to go to the organization’s services. But, even then, they usually won’t blast the organization for sending a personal note. Especially since it’s void of an outright request.

Our Funds for Those Kinds of Thing Are Limited

How much is the lifetime gifts from that Donor? Most Donors give more than a hundred dollars every year in small increments ($10x12months=$120/year). They also give continually for as many as five, ten or thirty years. And thats for the monthly gifts.

They also give during the occasional special appeals.

Wouldnt you agree, then, that the roughly $3-$5 per once-a-year note of thanks is a minimal cost to spend and send?


It doesn’t take a lot of time or money to be kind.

Send it once a year, on their donation anniversary. Being on the receiving end (for once) will make the Donor feel that their donations really do count.

And, after feeling appreciated, the Donor will be ready to donate again (and maybe even more) for your next request for funds.

What do you think about sending real thank you notes? Let me hear from you in the comments below.

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