Hire Me

Copywriters are a special breed of writers. They take your vision of your business and bring it into written form. As such, I offer this Statement of Ideals that tells you how seriously I take your business:

  • Communication with you will be clear and often, so that you and I are on the same page. Ill answer your emails and phone calls Monday through Friday, and before 5pm Pacific time.
  • Your copywriting needs will be met with intelligence, creativity and an eye for detail. Ill research thoroughly and write precisely.
  • Services are quoted by the project rather than by the hour. Quotes are good for 21 days. Ill stay within the budget and time frame allotted as stated in the agreement between us.
  • Work will start after I receive both the signed fee agreement and down-payment.

Remember that all your projects that I do are done during Pacific time, so please take the time difference into account. If youre uncertain about the time between yours and mine, you can also use this:  Time and Date Map

Thank you for your business.