How to Use the Current Snow Storms to Improve Marketing

“Snow! It’s snowing outside! Hooray for the snow day! Hurry! Let’s build a snowman – or three or six. We’ll shovel the walk later.”

And this is just from the adults.

Except for asthmatics like me; I love to look at it, but can’t be out in it for long because it brings on an attack. Instead, as a freelancer who already works at home, I tend to put away the work, using the snow day as an excuse to play.

After all, how many businesses are closed today? I might as well be, too.

I plan hot menus, do the laundry, and then lie around and read. I write – a little. I read some more. I write a little more. I start dinner. I take the time to do household chores just to keep from feeling house-bound. I do all kinds of things.

All kinds of things, except market my business. Marketing still puts chills down my back just as surely as a well-aimed snowball.

But, not actually marketing is letting the snow storm defeat me.

The Cure for the Snow House-Bound

In places that aren’t used to snow (Oregon’s Willamette Valley, for example), many brick-and-mortar businesses are closed. Cars are stuck. People go home (or stayed home). Prospective clients are home. So?

So, I need to market to them anyway! Where else do I have a near-captive audience?

The business world isn’t hampered with the cold, white fluff. After all, they use computers and the Internet. They’re tools for getting business, regardless of the weather or the location of the business. Unless those two things go down, business people – my prospects among them – are likely still working. Without worrying about the snow. They aren’t catching up, but keeping up; they’re staying on top of their game.

Well, except those who are avidly attached to watching the Olympic games.

What does this mean for me as a writer? I, too, need to go to work. Not catching up, but keeping up. I have a pipeline of prospects to keep filled. After all, wouldn’t I be working if it wasn’t snowing? I still use the computer and Internet. Since theyre both working, why aren’t I marketing?

I’m letting the current snow storm defeat my marketing efforts:

Using the Snowy Day to Market Better

What better way to use a snow day? The Internet is up and running in my home. So, this is what I’ll do:

  • Perfect my Letters of Introduction, for both snail mail and email
  • Write and send warm emails to those NPOs and companies I’m interested in working with.
  • Design and print out postcards, stamp them, and then send them as soon as I can get to the mail slot in my neighborhood cluster-mailbox (those metal things that replaced individual mailboxes at houses)

Yes, a lot of the outside world is covered with snow. (It’s now turning to freezing rain even as I write this.) But, that simply means I have a chance to concentrate on my marketing.

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