Keep On Writing

Words come naturally for me, writing as well as talking. According to my parents, my first word was “Hi!” because everyone said it to me. I haven’t stopped talking since. I also haven’t stopped writing countless words since learning how.

I’m sure I’ve already written over a million words. I wouldn’t be surprised to discover it’s closer to two or three million. I write every day; I’ve written something daily since I was 15 (I’m 56 now, thank you); I used to lie on my bed or floor to write. I write journals; my old ones are scattered in boxes and filing cabinets in a storage unit. I’ve blogged and deleted them; I’m blogging now – and it’s both scary and liberating. I write daydreams and stories. I’ve a Kindle-flavored eBook in the works. I even write thank you notes (remember those?) and send them through the mail!

I’ve written for other people:

  • Darlene, who wanted a complaint letter and got better results than she’d requested.
  • An “on spec” business letter aimed toward informing wholesale customers that their rates were about to change.
  • Kaje, who wanted a brochure and one-page to advertise her organic makeup line.

I received token payments from them, my own decision. I didnt believe I was good enough for anyone to pay me more than for my materials (paper, ink, card stock).

This year, last month even, I made the decision to create a career out of writing. After decades of waffling and being afraid, I realized that I’m good at writing! I’ve never been so terrified in my life – and yet it’s a good fear. It’s a motivating fear. Best of all, I get to write it out, get paid to write for others, and spend a good portion of my day with one of the things I love best: words.

What motivates you? What terrifies you? When are you going to live that dream?

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