Complaint Letter


Do written letters still work? Absolutely! These kinds of letters are given far more attention than emails, if only because written letters are uncommon now. And, as you see from the second page, I received $50 in coupons forĀ free products instead of the mere $5 Id asked for (remember to look at the second page, too, which lists the results).

I cant promise this kind of result. No writer worthy of the name can make promises of this kind of outstanding customer service.

I can, however, create a letter that tells the offending company (or person):

  • who you are
  • what you were doing when the product failed
  • exactly what product it is
  • went wrong with their product
  • what you had to do as a substitution
  • what you want to see happen now

Ive found that when you sound reasonable even as youre stating your disappointment, companies tend to listen and respond to your complaint. The trick is to sound like you want a solution. It helps to give them the solution you want.

Take a look!