Direct Mail Letter to Wholesalers


When the economy dropped a few years ago, everyone was hit hard. The owners of this bead company, for whom I worked for several years, closed a location. Then, they re-opened in a limited capacity; about three days a week. In the ensuing six months, they lost more business than they thought they would.

Then, in an effort of more visibility (they had been in an out-of-the-way area) and to regain customers, they moved the struggling store to a better location. They were literally across from a mall. Their bright sign shone in view of a busy highway.

Still, customers didnt throng back. Most who did come in had one of three exclamations:

  • I thought youd closed and gone away!
  • If I (my friend, husband, someone) hadnt seen you from the freeway, I wouldnt have known you were here!
  • Ill have to tell ___________ (name) youre here!

These customers, in turn, told several of their friends, who did make their way back to the store. Through word-of-mouth and some social media, about three-quarters of the original customers returned.

The true business of this company, however, were their wholesalers. A lot of local jewelry makers had depended on the great prices and discounts the store offered. But, more than half of those women and men hadnt re-discovered the companys new address since the move. So, the company still struggled.

The owners decided to write a letter to their customers, past and present. I wrote up this for them. In the end, they chose to use email instead to reach their original list. Those that didnt answer missed out on the savings.

Still, Im proud of this letter. It gave the intent, the promise and the offer. Ill do the same for you!

(The owners of this company requested that they not be named online, hence the redacted names, phone numbers, addresses and such. As of this writing, they are closing one store and moving to their stock to their original store.)