Permission Granted

Im giving myself permission to fail forward.

Ive been slack the last seven weeks. I took the latter part of summer and just goofed off.


So, Ive failed in my personal contract to you. Im a writer. Im a freelance writer. I write to court you with words that mean something to you. Words to challenge you, to uplift you, to persuade you to action. Words that are inherent in our understanding each other. That are necessary to make sure we have the same vision. That were at least reading the same book, even if one of us is four pages behind the other.

Now, I could start beating up on myself, figuratively. I could grumble and gripe about my behavior and tell myself a story of how bad I am. I could call myself all kinds of pejoratives.  I could slink into a closet and close the door. I could stuff myself from the refrigerator. I could

I could, but I wont.

Instead, I give myself permission to acknowledge that I could have done better. I failed. Not miserably. Just that I did.

Permission granted: I will go forward and start writing again.

What permission do you need to give yourself?

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