What is the ONE thing
most people groan at in business?

You know that facts need to go along with your product. Facts support your services. And facts certainly had better be in your product content! Facts are incredibly easy to find. So, whats the problem?

Its fact-finding that make people roll their eyes. It’s sifting through the differences between facts. Between opinions presented as facts. Between true, provable facts and perception of your product. In a word, its research.

Researching the facts on what? Anything. Everything. If it means spending an hour or three, people tend to do everything else first. Even fifteen minutes of cursory looking annoys people.

Why is Fact-Finding Imperative Today?

But, facts are important. The oft-cited impatience of today’s high-speed connectivity world means that every word written, spoken or shown through streaming demands believability. Few things create believability as strongly as outright, provable facts.

At the very least, knowing facts – as opposed to opinion presented as facts – show that you know your stuff. You’re a

  • Champ,
  • Straight-shooter, and
  • Generous with your knowledge

(That last alone instills confidence in your clients. Who doesn’t appreciate generosity?)

Researching the Facts Gives Weight to Your Words

When you have the research in hand and in mind, your colleagues will often look at you as an expert. They’ll certainly appreciate that you “know your stuff.” It may even be that you become their go-to on that particular subject.

Best of all, your clients will see you as their go-to!

(See the Lactose Intolerance White Paper here for an example of an in-depth report.)

However, It’s Time Consuming

Im guessing you simply don’t have the time it takes. Research, even shallow research, takes time. Your short list is already too long. You’re relying on questionable sources simply because they come up first in the list rankings. You have even less interest in looking any deeper.

But, Your Company Needs to Be on That First Page!

Yes. Yes, it does. At least first on the page when someone looks up your name.

This is where I come in.

You can count on thorough fact-finding. Shallow, mid-way or deep, Ill ferret out the facts. Ill go beyond the first page. Sometimes, the true information is a few pages in. The first page or two are those who have learned SEO to the max. Unfortunately, what you find isnt always factual. Because I dig deeper, you can rely on the information in the notes you’ll receive.

A caveat: I don’t make the judgment call about which research or facts would work best for your product or service or information. (Unless youve hired me to do that also; talk to me about all the services I can offer!) I only make the judgment of whether it’s a provable fact, an opinion masquerading as fact, an assertion, or a perception (aka a personal truth). I include the notes and links to support my research.

What you do with the information I give you is up to you. If, however, you wish me to turn the information into ongoing blog posts, articles/straight content, and/or eBooks, let me know that. Together, well work out a package just for you!

Hire Me Today!

Hire me to search through the figurative “dusty books” online (and in the local real libraries if needed, including University of Oregon). You use the time you save by making your business stronger.

$150 for the first 2 hours & $60/hour thereafter
Research includes:

  • Shallow, medium, or deep research on the subject
  • Interviews with experts & on-the-street observers
  • Extensive keyboarded notes of the subject
  • Pertinent links, references & emails