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I recently had the opportunity to encourage others to become copywriters. Its a great field to make a living in. Yes, you do need to turn a blind eye toward the bright, shiny promises of get-rich-quick gurus. Copywriting is for those who are willing to exercise patience, even as they exercise their brains and marketing skills.

Im going to share here what I told them.

Its quite an interesting field, and very broad.Training is anything from teaching yourself, to investing in decent courses and subscriptions. Begin by looking up copywriting as a living (with the quote marks).

First listed after the ads is makealivingwriting.com with Carol Tice. A few links down is menwithpens.ca. Next page is copyblogger.com.


Carol Tice

Chris Marlow

Bob Bly (bly.com)

Steve Slaunwhite

Avoid odesk, elance, and the dozens of other writing sites that pay too little, or bid sites that encourage you to race to the bottom of how much youll accept as payment.

After looking through those, youll get a sense of where you want your writing career to go. Be brave! Follow that sense, and do the diligence (and use your work-smarts).

See you in the writing world!

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