Writing with emotion

What you know is valuable, my counselor said. Its universal enough to appeal to a wide range of people and still be personal for you.

Copywriting, whether in a blog or for a client, needs to be just that: both universal in appeal and personal in scope. Just like the customers my client wants to reach, the client herself listens to Station WII-FM (Whats in it for me?). She want to know that the brochure I design for her, or the blog posts I write for her, or the research I do for her touches her before it goes out to her clients.

And whatever I write needs to be written as if for only one customer. In Ayn Rands The Fountainhead, one of the characters (Gail Wynand) brings in a non-descript man from the street. He says to his newspaper employees, This is who you want to write for. His employees dont remember the face of the man after said man leaves the room. That was Wynands purpose: write for the masses who have no name or face. I strive to remember that mans name and face.

Copywriting is like that. I must remember that there is a face and name and a life behind the words Im using. I want to persuade my clients customer, yes, but I must first persuade the client. She has a face, has a name, and has an entire lifetime of experiences in losses and loves, shame and gratitude.

Just as I do.

Just as you do.

Just as anyone you ever meet on this earth, or are in contact with through a blog, an email or over the phone.

Good copywriting engages the client, not just the customers she wants to talk to. Engage the client and Ill engage her customers. What better way to use the concept of universal values and yet embody the personal values?

How did your client react when you sent her the draft, the revisions or the final piece? What was your best piece that touched so many lives?

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